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The Arizona Cocktail Hour

Did you know? . . . The Grand Canyon State has over 80 wineries, more than 50 craft breweries and award winning distilleries.  Or, that it has produced nationally recognized barmen and women and a cocktail culture that rivals any other in the country.  Well you need to get out more often . . . OK well maybe I didn't know  either  and hell, I'M IN THE BUSINESS!  This is why you need to be listening to The Arizona Cocktail Hour, we bring you the biggest and brightest names that Arizona beverage culture has to offer  every Monday evening at 8 p.m. on 1100 KFNX AM.

A proud native of Tucson, Arizona, Eddie Garcia has been tending bar in the valley for over 20 years.  His love, of cocktail spirits and history, as well as for his home state was the impetus of  The Arizona Cocktail Hour.  He currently practices his craft at the legendary Jade Bar, at The Sanctuary on Camelback.

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