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PROFIT NOW with Jerry Levinson

Jerry Levinson works with business owners to help become more profitable. Profit Now is a show to help business owners expand their vision to achieve their goals.  Learn valuable strategies that you can start using right away to increase sales and profits!  Jerry is well known for Small Family-Owned Businesses.  (NO ONE OVER 5’6”)  His mission is to help people make more money and spend more time to with their kids.

Personally, Jerry says “I am a professional smart ass.  I love to joke around and have fun. I also love to help business owners feel more confident about themselves. 

I’m looking for ways to market my services. I’m hoping that I can use my radio show to promote myself in a positive and effective way.  My listeners can expect to learn while building confidence in themselves.  They can also expect to share some laughs along the journey! My goal is to educate and entertain.”

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