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The Pulse AZ

The Pulse AZ Radio show provides a bias-free platform to openly discuss the real issues surrounding mental health in Arizona.  Each show presents an in depth look at the community, politics, stories or current events that are impacting our friends, family and those we care about who are affected by mental illness and other disabilities.

With her weekly radio show, Elizabeth is educating the medical and local communities with information on the nation’s most pressing issues related to mental health.  Since 2003, Elizabeth has dedicated her time and energy to changing the lives of those who need it most.

As founder and CEO of Singleton Housing, Elizabeth and her staff support over 350 adults suffering from a wide variety of disabilities with services ranging from gentle guidance and assistance to independent supportive living care.

“ I work in a field that is challenging, demanding and most of all, rewarding.  When I see the lives of others being changed because someone gave them a chance or because you believed in them, that my work so much more worthwhile.”  -  Elizabeth Singleton

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