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Guests on the 2/6 Show:

Representative Kate Brophy McGee of District 28 and Linda Lang, President/CEO of Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) are here to talk about how legislation works to benefit the communities within the Phoenix area. 

Representative Kate Brophy McGee was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 11 in 2010. In November of 2012, she was reelected to the House of Representative for the newly created Legislative District 28.

Linda Lang explains how her organization (AACM) works with legislators to help create and enforce laws that benefit all homeowners and their communities.

Guests on the 1/30 Show:

Pat Filippone, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Osceola County, Florida.

Listen to learn about Habitat for Humanity and how Pat has worked to bring volunteers, necessary funding, and the community together to make homes for those that need them the most for over 10 years.  Pat tells about the families that work hard to improve their situations and the volunteers that work tirelessly to make that happen.

Ercell Sherman, COO for AAM (Associated Asset Management)

Listen to hear Ercell give some wonderful insight on business and how to work with and manage people to bring out the best in everyone.  As one of AAM’s favorite people, Ercell also shares some life lessons on how we influence the people in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not and how people in his life have influenced him and made him the person he is today.

Guests on the 1/23 Show:

Lynne Dugan
, Land Resources Manager with Taylor Morrison Homes and Kim Olson, AAM’s VP of Developer Services.  Kim Olson has been with AAM for several years and her background is in homebuilding.  Kim works closely with many homebuilders, like Lynne Dugan of Taylor Morrison.  Lynne has been in the real estate/homebuilding business for over 20yrs.  Her background is inspiring and educational, as she describes her beginnings in this business and her climb to where she is today.  Lynne’s interview also talks about how builders decide where to build and how they accommodate the ever-changing market.  Both Kim and Lynne give a very informative interview regarding the homebuilding market in Arizona today.

Guests on the 1/16 Show:

George Glance, President of KB homes’ Central Florida division.  Mr. Glance gives a very entertaining and informative interview regarding his background, his hobbies, and his business.  Having been in the housing business for over 20yrs, Mr. Glance has seen the market grow and change tremendously.  From learning how to build homes from his father when he was 12yrs. old, to being on the cusp of opening six new local communities, George Glance loves his work and it is obvious in the enthusiasm he conveys in this interview.

Guests on the 1/9 Show:

Robert Sanders
and Edna Starks with IHelp.  IHelp (Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program) is a fantastic organization in the East Valley that provides shelter, food, showers, basic necessities, and counseling for homeless women.  Both Robert and Edna work with IHelp and donate countless hours to make sure this organization is growing and flourishing, as it is so vital to so many homeless woman in the Valley.  Their interview not only tells how to get involved, but it shares the success stories that have come out of the IHelp program.  Listen to their inspiring interview to learn more about this program and how to help.  (scroll down the page for IHELP information)

Or call: 480-654-4539

Angie Lunn is one of our Neighborhood Heroes.  Angie is an extraordinary woman that has dedicated a large part of her life volunteering.  In fact, she received the Clara Barton Award from the Red Cross, which is the highest award given by the Red Cross to a volunteer.  In her community, Angie has made it her mission to keep her neighborhood safe by creating an open line of communication with the majority of her neighbors.  Angie is in charge of her neighborhood watch program and she does not take this job lightly.  She enlisted the Chandler Police Department and had them come talk to her neighbors, along with a guest speaker from an alarm company to help inform her neighbors on key points of safety.  Angie also created a newsletter and is in charge of an e-mail list in order to reach her neighbors whenever necessary.  This type of communication keeps everyone in touch and familiar with one another and this keeps her neighborhood safe and well informed.  Angie also works with Rover’s Rest Stop, a non-profit agency that provides temporary homes for pets that lost their homes.  Listen to Angie’s interview to find out how to get more involved in keeping your own neighborhood safe and how to help pets in need through Rover’s Rest Stop.   



Guests on the 1/2 Show:

Pam Landwirth, President of Give Kids The World, talks with us about the phenomenal work her organization does to help give extremely ill children and their families a chance to experience joy, magic, and happiness.  No family is ever turned away from this completely free experience. There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful this program is for these children and their families.  Please take the time to listen to Pam’s interview as her experiences with these children and their families will move you and inspire you to a whole new level.  Pam says at Give Kids The World, they follow a simple motto of “happiness inspires hope”.  This organization was founded by Pam’s husband Henry Landwirth, a holocaust survivor, who’s lack of a childhood has truly motivated him to make sure these kids get the most out of the week they spend at Give Kids The World.  For example, every Thursday is Christmas year round, simply because this might be the last Christmas these children get to experience.  Similarly, every Monday is Halloween.  Started in 1986, this magical program has served over 122,00 families around the world, with the help of 1,400 volunteers a week.  A large part of their facility will be on Extreme Makeover with Ty Pennington and the results will air on Good Morning America on January 24, 2014.


To find out how to get involved with Give Kids The World, please listen to the interview and/or contact them at:

Guests on the 12/26 Show:

Linda Lang, President and CEO of Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM), talks with us about the importance of a well-run homeowner’s association.  Linda explains how her organization works with legislators to help create and enforce laws that benefit all homeowners and their communities.  Listen to Linda’s interview to learn more about her background as an entrepreneur and successful business woman, as well as important HOA information.

Kim Barney, Tucson Neighborhood Hero Award Recipient, tells us about how she is active in keeping her community safe, clean, and festive.  Kim prides herself on caring for her neighborhood park, through the Adopt a Park program, but that is only the beginning of the work Kim does.  Listen to Kim, as she tells us about how she not only cleaned up her neighborhood, but she also brought about a sense of community within that neighborhood.  Kim is the perfect example of a good neighbor.If you know someone that you believe should be recognized, contact us at: